Date: 26/04/2018
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The Beauty of Trees

Tree Structure:

I love a tree full of leaves!

A tree with leaves seems to fill a space just as well as any great painting would justify a wall.

But recently, I have caught myself enjoying trees much more after leaf drop. Small subtleties, once hidden behind a curtain of leaves now expose themselves to form a graceful and complete tree structure always filling its space. This structure upon closer inspection shows the true beauty of trees, no matter the season.

Winter allows an arborist a much closer inspection of trees for signs of strengths, weaknesses, defects, and the overall structure can much more easily be evaluated. This allows for greater precision in determining the most effective work to be completed in the most minimalistic way.



Tree Bark:

A protective skin that adds texture to any landscape.

Tree bark really captivates my interest. When I first see a tree, I study the structure first as I approach the tree. But, with a distinctive feature such as bark, it would be detrimental to ignore surveying the bark in helping to identify a tree as well. With practice many tree barks are identifiable from many yards away! Additionally, the ability to identify tree bark helps with identification no matter the season.

From the smooth white bark of a American Sycamore along a creek, to the deep fissured bark of an American Elm standing in your front yard, tree barks are multifunctional and generate great interests.


Tree Leaves:

All sizes, shapes, and colors!

Tree leaves are like snowflakes, no two are identical. This variety in size, shape, and color adds an aura to a forest that anyone can appreciate. Diffused sunlight filters itself through a canopy of various leaves leaving sun streaks across the forest floor.

As another unique identifying feature of trees, I enjoy taking pictures of leaves and draw inspiration from their ability to adapt to the conditions around them.    

Have you ever wondered what type of tree you are looking at in the winter?  With no leaves above your head, you might check just below your feet!  Here…, you just might narrow down your search, or even be provided with the answer.


The Complete Tree:

Trees are unique!

They are amazing, ever-evolving organisms that effectively convert light energy into chemical energy during photosynthesis. Soon, these photosynthesized sugars combine with carbon dioxide in the air and water in the soil. This provides the grounding for all of the other required building blocks to provide diverse plant growth. Of course, this is only a tiny portion of what affects a trees growth.

Tree uniqueness is constantly on displayed in all sorts of species all across Nashville, Tennessee and I have yet to find a tree that I didn't like.   

When you step into a forest overwhelmed with a wide diversity of leaves, distinctive barks, and well-established tree structures, the trees suddenly begin to speak to you. If you will just listen, they will teach you all you need to know!

We at Community Tree Preservation are passionate about tree's. We do our best to understand all we can about each different species of tree as each one is different. Knowing these specifics helps us provide you the best service we can. If you have any questions about an existing tree, or how to pick the right tree for you, we are always happy to help. Call Us (615) 832-2410 or Email Us:

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