Date: 26/04/2018
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What exactly is Tree Preservation ?

We are true tree preservationists. We use the term "Tree Preservation" quite often. But, what exactly is tree preservation and what is the goal of this trimming procedure?

  1. Tree preservation is both an art and a science. It is not a technique that every tree trimmer knows or is even able to accomplish successfully. Tree preservation is similar to arranging a floral arrangement-you must know what to keep, not what to remove from the tree. Remember, the cuts of today will shape the tree for the future. Community Tree Preservation arborists have been studying trees across Nashville, TN for more than a decade. Additionally, we have maintained many of the same trees for our clients over this time period, allowing us to see the full effect that tree preservation can accomplish in increasing the longevity and safety of your trees while also beautifying your property.

    Tree preservation reduces overall canopy weight (by reducing total branch count), and more importantly, tree preservation allows high winds to escape (blow through) the tree rather than push against the tree's canopy like a sail; thereby, increasing the chance of branch or total tree failure. There are three main goals to a tree preservation package:
  2. Weight and Leverage Reduction: The first goal we seek is to lessen weight and leverage at the very-upper-most canopy (tips) of the tree and branches. (This is by no means topping. In 2015, if anyone wants to shorten, lower, reduce, cut back, etc., (i.e., top) a single branch on your trees; we highly suggest you get a second opinion from a local Certified Arborist). By reducing weight and leverage throughout the entire canopy we also reduce the total amount of wind the tree has to endure. We want individual limbs in the upper canopy absorbing the shock, rather than all the force pressing against just the trunk section. Fewer limbs in the upper canopy achieves this goal while reducing overall canopy weight. The most productive work is out at the ends of the branches, not the ones along the trunk. 
  3. Removal of any Crossing Branches or Dead, Dying, and Decayed Branches:The second goal is the removal of any limbs that cross one another, or rub against each other. Also, dead, dying, or decayed branches are removed entirely. No hazardous limbs that could potentially fall to the ground and harm structures or people will remain in the canopy after full preservation has been completed.
  4. Aesthetic Beauty, Increased Light Penetration, and Canopy Symmetry: Lastly, as a byproduct of the first two goals, a tree's aesthetic beauty really begins to shine through as a job nears completion. Tree preservation is a process that, when done correctly, will not change the overall shape of your tree, yet provides enormous benefits for years to come. You may notice a difference in shading patterns on the ground, but you will hardly recognize any of the cuts that were made on the tree. We ensure the entire canopy is symmetrical throughout the tree, and the lower canopy is gently evened out to an acceptable height as determined by our work crews in association with the client's needs.

We find great pleasure in tree preservation! It really is true that, at Community Tree Preservation, "we don't talk to trees, we listen to them." If you are in tune, the trees will tell you all you need to know!

If you would like to schedule an assesment of your tree's health, pruning a tree, or any other tree service in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area please Call Us: 615-832-2410 or Click Here to Get a Free Estimate

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