Date: 26/04/2018
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Positive News on the Environmental Front

At times, it is easy to get overwhelmed by environmental problems that face the world, but we cannot lose sight of areas where there are real reasons to be optimistic. Here, ecologist, author, and college professor, Dr. Stephen Sillett advocates environmental progress of the tallest trees in the Pacific Northwest. His tree climbing techniques are inspiring and his discoveries are quite significant. I have provided a link to his story as well as a great book about his first climb if you would like to follow up and learn more.

Conservation of Forests and Nature Preserves:

As an ecologist, author, and professor at Humboldt State University in California, Dr. Stephen Sillett is no ordinary teacher. He studies the planet's tallest trees and the forests in which they reside.  Researching only five distinct species, he focuses primarily on trees that grow in excess of 300 feet tall! 

Originally in search of lichens that grow on the branches of large Douglas fir trees in Oregon, his concentrations have since transitioned as he progressed through his own education.  After moving to California, he began focusing on organisms that resided in the tops of giant Redwood trees.  Entering the canopies of the world's tallest trees was an area highly unexplored, and certainly they were never researched.  Through his research he aims to protect our last remaining old-growth forests while encouraging the growth rates in our secondary-growth forests through alumni Ken Fisher and the Institute for Redwood Ecology.

I find his work to be significant because he actually takes his graduate students into the tops of what I can only imagine must be a magnificent canopy to climb with a view that would be unmatched.  This gives me hope that generations behind him will continue high-canopy research.  While climbing a 300' tall tree is not for everyone, these canopies are being found to be as uncharted as our deepest oceans.

At Community Tree Preservation we love tree's and stories like these inspire us! We are lucky enough to live in the wonderful state of Tennessee and enjoy some of the nations finest wilderness. Nashville is close to many wonderful national parks, we encourage you all to go visit them!

As always if you have any questions about your trees or need any service concerning a tree we are here to help. We offer years of experience, passion and knowledge. Call Us 615.832.2410 or Contact Us Here

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