Date: 26/04/2018
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How To Pick a Quality Tree Care Company

And Pitfalls to Avoid in the Tree Care Industry...

When Community Tree Preservation opened for business over a decade ago, there were fewer tree care companies in Nashville than there are today. As the 2008 recession forced people to pick up odd jobs, we have since seen an influx of "tree care companies" that grabbed the old chainsaw from the garage, swapped the car for the old Ford pickup, and started posting signs to telephone poles, yards, and (ironically) to trees.

Every tree company must start at the bottom. It is a fact that cannot be avoided. That is not the problem. Starting a new business is no easy task, but there are some very substantial differences in quality tree companies, and those just looking to pick up a quick income stream. Your tree care company should desire to get better and grow. If you are not learning from your mistakes, then you will not achieve this.

While this list could be expanded, I have listed some of the more important ways to help decide on a quality tree care company. Also, are pitfalls to avoid when choosing a tree care company.

  1. Lack of Training and Education: Does the company you are considering have an on-staff ISA Certified Arborist? How much knowledge (both literary and working experience) does the company have? Arborists within a quality company should want to thrive, grow, and continue to evolve with the industry. If you don't know that you are using unapproved arboricultural practices, how can you ever expect to get better?
  2. Lack of Licensing and Proper Insurances: Unfortunately, in the state of Tennessee, all you need to be a "tree company" is that old chainsaw from the shed and a pickup truck really. A business license, workman's comp, and both vehicle and company liability insurances should all be mandatory, but even these important factors can be a missing element for those doing "side jobs" for homeowners.
  3. Unprofessionalism in Attire and Lack of Personal Protection Equipment: Are the working crews concerned with their own safety? Are they planning to complete the work in tank tops, shorts and tennis shoes? Hardhats, face and eye-protection, hearing protection, gloves, approved boots, and chainsaw chaps are all mandatory requirements for tree care operations.
  4. Bottom Dollar Pricing: Have you received multiple bids and one seems to be dramatically lower than the rest? While every business will have a different niche and cost of operation can vary greatly company by company, maybe ask what type of equipment will be utilized, how many men will be on site, what sorts of tools are needed, and ensure all insurances are active and up to date. Tree care tools wear routinely: ropes, pulleys, slings, and carabineers are not cheap and should be replaced regularly. You don't want old, worn-out, and nearing the end of its life equipment safeguarding your property
  5. Using Fear to Sell Tree Removals: Let's face it. It is easier to cut down a tree than to preserve it. While physically there is more wood debris generated, it is still easier to cut whole branches from the trunk than having to use skill, and education to determine the best plan of action for long-term health. In fact, the skill set is so different; many times individuals will recommend removal for the additional income as well as the fact that companies often hire "outside removal" contractors. Don't be afraid to ask if the company you hire is using outside contractors.

There is also a world of information to be found online. Checking a company's website can help and other sites like Google Plus, Yelp and even Facebook will help you find other peoples experiences with the company. All of these points combined should be able to give you a good sense of the company you are considering to hire. If you have any questions about Community Tree Preservation we are always happy to answer them. Email Us or Call Us 615.832.2410

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