Date: 26/04/2018
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5 Amazing Things Your Probably Didn't Know About Trees!

1.Carbon Dioxide In Oxygen Out!

Did you know that a mature 90 ft tree could absorb over its lifetime the same amount of carbon monoxide as a car produces driving 25,000 miles! And at the same time that tree will produce enough oxygen each year for two adults! We should probably keep them around.

2.They Are (Almost) Immortal

If we leave them alone that is! Yes trees are some of the oldest living organisms on earth and never die of old age! They are able to clone themselves so if a limb dies or even the trunk, they can restore themselves with new ones. In fact a colony of Aspen trees in Utah is thought to have a roots that are more than 80,000 years old! So if we don't destroy their environment trees will stick around and give us a pretty good return I like oxygen, how about you?

3.Trees Communicate & Support Each Other.

We now know that trees work together and send signals to one another on a variety of levels. From sharing nutrients via their root systems to new growing trees or sick trees, to sending distress signals when under attack. Trees such as the Willow tree will send out a chemical when insects attack it and the surrounding trees will then create tannin on their growth to deter the attacking hoards. In similar fashion trees will actually use certain insects to protect it by creating a nurturing environment for them to live and those same bugs will then protect that tree from other harmful bugs.

4.The Heaviest Tree is The Heaviest Single Organism

Remember that colony of Aspen Trees in Utah? Well not only are they really old (yeah that roots system) Well that root system is actually all interconnected and is one tree: The Quaking Aspen. So it's the heaviest tree and the heaviest single organism at 13,000,000 pounds! Crazy.

5.Trees are the source of many pharmaceuticals

It's estimated nearly a quarter of the medicines today were found or sourced from the rainforest! From aspirin to cancer fighting drugs, trees are a source of many of our medicines. This is not even mentioning the hundreds of natural uses people have and do use trees as natural medicines and healing. Over all we would say they seem pretty incredible!



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