Community Tree Preservation Family: Part 2

Welcome back! For those of you who read our Part 1 of Growing a Family Tree Business, we present to you our part 2 of the blog series. If you have not had the chance yet to read the first part, please click here to read Community Tree Preservation Family: Part 2 to learn more about who we are as a business and a family!

As we have all seen over the past week, the weather in middle Tennessee can be unpredictable. We have gone from a winter weather storm of ice and snow to 44-degrees, only 3 days later. With winter upon us, Taylor Rumble says that work does not slow down one bit. In fact, it increases as people try to keep frozen trees from falling and causing damage to property. Even though winter is the hardest time for his crew, Taylor says they still seem to find plenty of opportunities to have fun. They have no problem entertaining themselves by turning stumps into a bench-press or balancing their whole body on the top of a tractor.

It takes a lot of courage to do what this family does every day, climbing to unbelievable heights in climbing gear with chainsaws, all to make Middle Tennessee more beautiful. This is one family that knows how to stay together and run a successful business while holding the trust of Nashvillian’s in the palm of their hand. Community Tree Preservation takes the time properly assess your problem and then take the proper steps to either remove a troublesome tree, apply proper maintenance to a tree so it does not cause further issues but still thrives in its health and beauty or CTP will simply trim and repair your tree. They also have emergency services and will come to your aid if a tree falls in the night causing damage or power interruptions. Basically, there is nothing tree-related that CTP cannot do well and they encounter considerable danger with ease to help you do so.

View from the top! A look at what CTP crews experience on a daily basis.

Just another Monday, swinging from a crane.

Taylor says he has big plans for the future of Community Tree Preservation…

Part of these plans is educating the public on the extent of CTP’s services. While some think that they do tree trimming, others may think Community Tree is strictly an emergency service. The truth is, CTP is both those things and much more! Take a look at some of our services:

Taylor says wishes to maintain the clients and success that his father has built over the last 30 years while adding his own brand of business to the equation. To start, Taylor has begun to bring his father’s tree business into the digital age by making CTP available on social media to connect with more customers in Nashville. This has already been a great success as the education, helpful tips, weather warnings, blog articles, on-site job photos, before and after pictures and detailed service menus have built a bridge between the Nashville community and CTP. Check out our Twitter, Google+ and Facebook page to learn more about us and be sure to like us so you can be updated with news, alerts, and advice.

Facebook: @CommunityTreePreservation
Twitter: @NashvilleTrees
Google+: Community Tree Preservation

Like Taylor, there are many millennial home-owners out there who have never been faced with tree maintenance or tree emergencies, so creating the familiarity and relationships with these potential customers has been key as they now know who to call if a problem should arise. Having a tree fall on your home or vehicle is an unthinkable situation but Community Tree Preservation has your back and our presence online, especially on social media has proven to help ease the burden for those who did not know who to call or what to do in case of such an emergency.

A common example of tree damage on residential properties. Wouldnt you want Community Tree Preservation’s business card on your fridge when this happens?

Walter seems pleased and far beyond proud of the things his son has made happen. In preparation for this interview, Walter recently said, “I could never have done it without him,” in reference to his son.  Most parents do not have the privilege to work alongside their children every day and see them become an intelligent, capable and successful member of society.

Taylor Rumble, doing one of his favorite things…climbing trees!

In Tennessee, family and quality are cherished and this is what customers of Community Tree Preservation have come to expect to encounter with this family-centered business. If you are looking for a tree maintenance or need help with a tree on your property, you can Google some keywords OR you can patronize a business with a stellar reputation that shares your family’s values and will make your property both efficient and beautiful!

Walter, Lee and Taylor Rumble along with two other employees at their annual company ski trip in Snow Shoe, WV

We are proud to be a family-owned business and even prouder to be passing the torch to the next generation. We are also looking forward to the future and adding you to our family so that we might better serve Middle Tennessee. Please visit us online at, on social media at the links above or call us at 615-832-2410. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your go-to tree maintenance business in Tennessee! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family and we wish you the happiest 2018!