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Nashville Emergency Tree Services

Southern storms and weather can cause trees to fall or be at risk of falling. Community Tree Preservation is available to remove trees from homes, driveways, vehicles, etc. The tree that has fallen may be your tree or may be owned by your neighbor. Our arborists do not want you or your family to have risk injury by cutting and removing trees following a storm. Tree damage can result from high winds, rain, flooding, sleet, ice or snow. Community Tree Preservation has been called upon in all hours of the day or night to remove trees that have damaged homes or cars or are posing a threat to the property, business, or family who resides there. Our emergency team understands the urgency involved when you make a call to remove a dangerous tree. Whether the tree has hist your car, house, building, or is blocking your driveway or road, Community Tree will dispatch our emergency crew right away to start the removal and cleanup process safely and rapidly.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service Company (Nasahville TN):

CALL 615.832.2410

Once you place the call for our assistance, our tree team will be dispatched to your home or business as soon as possible, often within 60 minutes or less. We are available for emergency service 24 hours a day for damage assessments and resulting work to restore your property and remove fallen or hazardous trees.

Best Emergency Tree Services

Our company was voted the Best in the Tennessean and Nashville Scene Awards for several years in a row. Here is why….

  • Tree Care Available 24 Hours a Day – Our tree care team is here to serve you anytime
  • Rapid Emergency Tree Service Response Time – We respond to emergency tree needs quickly and efficiently. We take emergencies very seriously.
  • Priority Tree Care – We assess the risk of the situation when you call. If you have a severe emergency, our tree care team will prioritize it at the top of our service list.
  • Rapid Assessment and Action Tree Storm Damage – Our tree service crew members are trained arborists who rapidly assess your tree situation and risk and take the appropriate action, whether it be removal, trimming, clean-up, or other service. Safety comes first with our team. We take the utmost care to have your tree situation resolved as soon as possible using proven arborist techniques and safety measures. 
  • Educate Our Tree Customers – A tree emergency can be very stressful to you as a customer. Our crew leader will explain the actions we will take to resolve your tree situation so you will have peace of mind throughout the process. We are glad to work with and communicate with your insurance company.

Community Tree Preservation is an established Nashville and Middle Tennessee tree company who responds to emergencies quickly and efficiently.

For Emergency Tree Work Call our Nashville office: 615-832-2410 – 24 Hours a day 365 Days a Year!

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Our local arborists have been helping local property owners for over 15 years. Our arborist team is comprised of honest, hard-working, professionals who strive for excellence in home and commercial work. We are licensed and accredited. Our arborists offer tree trimming, complex repair, cabling, crown reduction, weight and leverage reduction, stump grinding, storm damage work, cutting and removals. Our award-winning company has been built on trust, expert preservation techniques, and customer satisfaction.




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