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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

If you would like a Certificate of Insurance, please CLICK HERE to request one. Make sure to list either a fax number or mailing address and who you would like the Insured to be. Certificates of Insurance will be sent directly from our insurance company in a timely manner.

What is the difference between tree preservation and tree topping?

Please visit our Preservation Page. Unlike other tree companies, we focus on preservation and arborist techniques to provide the best care for your trees.

How can you tell if a tree is dead?

One way to tell if the tree is dead or dying is if it does not have any leaves any more. You can tell that it is dying or in decline if every year you see less and less leaves on its branches. Other ways to tell if the tree is dead or in decline include looking at its trunk for severe damage, disease, fungi, broken bark, broken limbs, stress fractures, etc. You can also look for exposed roots or roots that are consistently dry/brittle. Another way to tell if a tree is in decline is if it’s dying from the top down. Our arborists carefully consider a tree’s health before removal.

How can I get a tree work estimate?

You may request a tree care or removal estimate by one of the following options:

1. Call our Nashville office at 615-832-2410. Live operators are standing by.
2. Go to our Contact Us page and fill out a form that will be sent directly to us and will be answered as fast as possible.

What is your service area?

Our service area includes Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Green Hills, Gallatin, Belle Meade, Smyrna, Bellevue,  Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Thompson Station, Hendersonville, Donelson, Lebanon, Hermitage, Mount Juliet, and most other Middle Tennessee cities and towns.

What sets you apart from other tree companies in Nashville?

Community Tree Preservation is committed to caring for our customers and our trees. We use equipment that is minimally invasive to your yard and take great care in planning our approach to work on your trees.

We have been serving you, our community, for over 14 years! We are family owned and operated.

If you have any questions about how we work Contact Us Here


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