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Trees beautify the great city of Nashville and surrounding countryside. At Community Tree Preservation, it is our job to preserve trees whenever possible. Sometimes removal is necessary, yet topping a tree is never the way to trim a tree. We trim trees with arborist cuts.

Using today’s arborist techniques large trees and structures can both safely co-exist. The purpose of Tree Preservation is to help make your trees much more resistant to ice storms, heavy rains, and high winds. Beauty is a side effect of preservation.

Today’s arborist techniques do not attempt to re-engineer nature by using rigid metal cables or by topping trees. Loose cabling or bungee type nylon straps replace rigid metal cabling. Topping trees is replaced by weight/leverage reduction.


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Home Owner Associations and Property Management Tree Work

Tree care and maintenance can also be a menacing part of many Homeowners and Community Association budgets. Often budget constraints leave only room for cosmetic work such as sidewalk, parking lot, and fire codes tree limb clearance. If you have limbs and trees falling every time a strong wind hits Nashville then you may want to consider adding the costs of annual tree preservation to your tree work budget.

Tree Topping: Is it Beneficial?

Tree Topping is a myth. A topped tree grows survival shoots (bi-lateral limbs) that become as large as its non-topped counterparts. These survival shoots are weakly attached to the side of the topped limb making liability even more an issue than before.

Topping trees ends up being a high maintenance decision that most often results in death, even though it may take a decade or more. Topped trees need regular re-topping or thinning to be safe. The disfigurement of a tree due to topping reduces property value and real estate curb appeal. Here is today’s solution.

Crown reduction is the most up-to-date method of tree preservation. A simplified explanation of an at-risk tree is one where the combined circumference of all the major leads in the crown is greater than the circumference at the base of the trunk. If this is the case then chances are the tree is top heavy and it becomes a good candidate for breakage or uprooting problems.

The Crown reduction method helps to equalize the top-heavy crown with the trunk size by removing up to 1/3 of the crown’s weight and leverage. Crown reduction opens up the canopy for easier exchange of carbon dioxide/oxygen, and allows sunlight to penetrate through the crown. This in turns causes greener more vibrant growth of remaining limbs; and grass can grow better under the tree. The wind can now blow through the tree using the remaining limbs as shock absorbers strengthening them as they bend with the wind. If you have very old trees or enough middle-aged trees on your property then an annual tree budget for tree preservation is worth a pound of cure.


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Our arborists perform quality work for home and commercial property owners. We are licensed and accredited. Our arborists offer tree trimming, complex repair, cabling, crown reduction, lot clearing, weight and leverage reduction, stump grinding, storm damage work, trimming, cutting and removals.

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