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Nashville Tree Removal

Community Tree Preservation offers trained tree removal service Nashvillearborists to consult with you about your tree removals. We are a preservation company and save trees whenever possible. We care about keeping Nashville green and its air clean. While tree removal is a last resort, sometimes it makes sense to take the tree down or cut it up and haul it off. Examples include dead or fallen trees from storms, flooding, or high winds. Our team is skilled at handling complex grow and extra-large tree takedowns.

Our arborists feel it is our responsibility to save trees when possible.

Here are some instances when tree removal by a professional company makes sense:

Why Cut Down Trees

  • They are dangerous and pose a safety hazard to property of people.
  • The tree or roots interfere with the foundation of a home, business or other structure.
  • It is touching or in close proximity of an NES electrical power line.
  • It is dead and cannot be preserved.
  • The tree has already fallen (fully down or partially). A storm or simply shallow roots could have caused it to fall.
  • Damaged or downed trees after a tornado or strong winds.
  • The tree poses a threat to the other trees and plants adjacent to it.
  • Lot clearing for new construction including building a new home or structure

*Our arborists can advise homeowners or builders prior to clearing lots. In many instances trees can be saved and even integrated into the building plan in creative ways.

Why Community Tree

Community Tree Preservation is an established company that has a certified arborist on the team to help you determine the best tree care plan for your property. We offer state of the art removal equipment and utilized industry best practices. We remove trees using low-impact techniques and perform full clean up services. We make every effort to protect your lawn and landscape.


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We offer free, honest, and informative estimates. We perform quality work for residential, commercial, and municipal property owners.

We are an 18-year, licensed, insured, and BBB-accredited tree service company. Our arborists offer the following: tree removals, preservation, branch trimming, pruning, cabling, crown restoration, lot clearing, weight and leverage reduction, emergency services, storm damage work, and cat rescues to Nashville residents and surrounding counties.

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