Trees love stress unless they are very old or very young.  Similar to human muscle that thrives with activity and declines with inactivity so does wood and tree limbs.  This super-strength trees develop with stress is due to compression or wound wood being formed that is up to 60% stronger than regular wood.  The strongest tree in the suburbs stands alone and is exposed to all of the natural elements like wind, rain, ice and snow. Mother Nature tries to strengthen the tree to withstand a lot of the excessive weight and leverage of her abundant natural growth inherent in most trees.

At Community Tree Preservation we understand this process and work with the tree and nature rather than fighting or disfiguring the beauty and structural integrity of the tree. Our team uses techniques that are both art and science to cull the unneeded growth by removing doubles and triples limbs where growth above and below fill the area immediately after pruned correctly.   Arborist cuts made on the tree correctly heal over with bark in a few years.   Properly pruned trees look better after they are preserved than before since Mother Nature does not have eyes.

The goal of preservation is to evenly maintain the weight balance around the tree.  Approximately every third limb is removed to reduce the total area where shelving of heavy ice and snow would have previously allowed heavy loads to beak limbs.   The tree is now much less likely to break in high winds due to gapping of limbs which allows the wind to escape through the tree rather than pushing on it as a whole similar to a billboard.  A pleasant side effect of proper preservation is light to the ground, which helps topsoil remain in place and to nourish itself.

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